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Our company was established in 1998 located in the beautiful spring city Ji Nan The total area amonnts to 30 000 square meters We produce all car parts and specialized in automobile chassis engine assembly automobile sheet metal automoblie internal decoration system Our business involves domestic and foreign trade The vehicle models include the great wall car the SUV and the pickup truck with the famous brand HAVAL WINGLE FLORID M4 C30 C50 and so on The warehouse area more than 4000 square meters The goal that we have been is professional focused and concentration Continuous innovation and constantly creating value for the new and old customers is our long term vision Our company has...

Categories and Products

Car Engine System

Engine Auto Parts

Turbocharger Supercharger 1118100-E09 For Haval Haval H6 Spring Washer Turbocharger 1118100-EG01B Electronic Vacuum Pump 3541100XJZ16A Engine Protection Plate 2802101-P01-B1 Engine Right Mounting For C30 Engine Left Mounting Rubber Pad 1001101A-K00 Engine Right Mounting Rubber Pad 1001103A-K00 

Ignition System

Florid Ignition Coil 3705100-EG01 Spark Plug 3707100-EG01 For C30 Ignition Lock Switch For C30 Great Wall 2.8TC Glow Plug Controller 

Cooling System

Water Pump 1307100-E09 For Haval Water Pump 1307100-EG01 For Great Wall Haval H6 Radiator 1301100XKZ16A Radiator Fan 1308200-K00 For Haval Great Wall C30 Radiator Assembly 1301100-S16 Haval Radiator Assembly 1301100A-K00 Great Wall Parts Radiator 1301100AP00XA 1306300-E06 Thermostat Housing For Great Wall Great Wall Deer Radiator Support 

Intake And Exhaust System

Exhaust Camshaft 1006200-EG01 For C30 Intake Camshaft 1006100-EG01 For C30 C30 Three-way Catalytic Converter 1205100XG08XB Intake Manifold 1008110-EG01 For Great Wall C30 Car parts Throttle Valve Throttle Valve 3765100-EG01 For Great Wall 491Q Engine Intake Corrugated Hose Haval Car EGR Valve 1207100-E06-B1 EGR Valve For Great Wall 

Fuel System

Haval Fuel Tank Assy 1101100-K08 Fuel Injector 1100110-EG01A For C30 Gasoline Fuel Filter 1117100-V08 For C30 GW2.8TC Fuel Injector 1112100-E06 Fuel Tank Assy 1101100EG08XA 4D20 Engine Fuel Injector Assembly 1100100-ED01 Diesel Fuel Injector 1112100-E05 Fuel Metering Valve For GREAT WALL Great Wall High Pressure Oil Pipe High Pressure Oil Pump Return Pipe 1112250-E06 

Lubrication System

Haval H5 Air Filter Core Assembly 1109101-K80 Haval Air Filter Cartridge Assembly 1109101-K08-A1 C30 Air Filter Core Assembly 1109101XS16XB Electric Fuel Pump 1123200XS08XA Car Oil Filter Haval Car High Pressure Oil Pump 1111300-E06 

Generator And Starter System

Engine Generator Alternator 3701100-EG01 Generator 3701100-E06-A1 for Great Wall Hover 3708100-E02 Starter For Great Wall Great Wall Starter Assembly 3708010-E00 Starter 3708100-E05-A1 For Haval Starter Assembly 3708100A-EG01 For Great Wall 

Crank Connecting Rod Mechanism

Haval Crankshaft Assembly SMD346026 Crankshaft 1005100-EG01 For C30 Connecting Rod 1004300-EG01-J For Great Wall Piston Pin 1004011-EG01 For Great Wall Car Piston 1004016-EG01-D For Great Wall Car Piston 1004016-EG01-B For Great Wall Cylinder Head Cover 1003530-EG01 For Great Wall Flywheel Assembly 1005200-EG01 For Great Wall Cylinder Head 1002115-EG01 For Great Wall Cylinder Head Gasket For GWM HAVAL 1002060-E06 Cylinder Gasket For Great Wall Great Wall 2.5TCI CrankShaft Assembly 1005060-E05 Flywheel For Great Wall Oil Pan For Great Wall HOVER HAVAL 

Car Chassis System

Driving System

Haval Wheel Hub Rim Assembly 3113200AKZ16A Front Shock Absorber 2905110-S08 For Great Wall Deer Front Shock Absorber Assembly 2905100-D01 AUXILIARY FRAME 2810000-S08 For Great Wall Great Wall Right Front Shock Absorber 2905200XJ34XA Great Wall Wheel Rim Hub 3113300AS08XA GW C30 Wheel Hub Rim Haval Shock Absorber 2905100AK00XA Deer Shock Absorber 2915100-P00 Upper Ball Joint 2904140-P01 Control Arm Ball Joint 2904300XG38XA Control Arm Ball Joint 2904130-M00 Great Wall Control Arm 2904200XKZ16A Left Lower Control Arm For C30 Control Arm 2904200-S08 For Great Wall Great Wall Parts Control Arm 2904100-G08 Front Stabilizer Bar For Great Wall Wingle 2904340A-K00 Great Wall Ball Joint 2904130-K00 Ball Joint Great Wall Great Wall Haval Front Wheel Hub 

Transmission System

Lower Drive Transmission Shaft Assembly 404200-K00-C3 Haval Car Rear Axle Drive Shaft 2201000-K55 Left Drive Shaft 2203100-S08 For Great Wall C30 Right Drive Shaft 2203200XG08XA Constant Speed Drive Shaft 2303390-K01 Front Hub Bearing Assembly 3103200-M00 Tensioner Assembly 1021200-EG01 For Great Wall Shock Absorber Mounting Bracket 2905102-S08 Oil Seal Seat ABS 2403104-P00-B1 Rear Axle Drive Shaft Assembly 2201100-P10 Lower Drive Shaft 3404200-P00 Great Wall Hover Lower Drive Shaft Front Differential Assembly 2302100-B25 

Braking System

Wingle 5 Vacuum Booster Assembly 3540105-P00 Rear Brake Disc 3502012XKZ16A Front Brake Pad Assembly 9100705 Brake Caliper 3501200XS08XA For Great Wall Front Brake Disc 3501011-G08 For Great wall Left Front Brake Caliper For Florid Rear Brake Drum 3502011-M00 For Great Wall Brake Wheel Cylinder 3502190-M00 For Great Wall Brake Wheel Cylinder For Great Wall Wingle Great Wall Front Brake Pad 3501120-K00 Great Wall Hover Front Brake Caliper Great Wall Haval Rear Brake Disc 3103102-K00 Front Brake Disc Front Brake Disc 3501011XKZ16A GW C30 Vacuum Booster Brake Pump 3540200CG08XA 

Steering System

Power Steering Gear With Tie Rod Assembly 3411110-K00 Wingle Car Steering Wheel Assembly 3402300A-P00-B1 Steering Outer Tie Rod End 3411120-S08 GW C30 Power Steering Gear 3411120-G08 Great Wall Steering Wheel 3402100-S08-00CR Right Steering Knuckle 3001102-S08 Haval Car Left Steering Knuckle 3001111-K00-B1 Wingle Car Right Steering Knuckle Steering Inner Tie Rod For Great Wall Great Wall hover Steering Straight Rod Great Wall Deer Steering Follow Idler Arm 

Clutch Auto Parts

Clutch Pressure Plate 1601100B-EG01 For GW C30 Clutch Disc 1601200B-EG01 For Great Wall Clutch Release Bearing 038M-1601307 For Haval Clutch Release Cylinder 1609010-001 For Great Wall Clutch Pressure Plate Cover 1601100-EG01 For Great Wall Clutch Disc 1601200-EG01-B1 For Great Wall Clutch Master Pump Cylinder 1608000-P09 Clutch Master Cylinder 1608100-S08 For Great Wall 4D20 Engine Clutch Master Cylinder Great Wall 4D28 Clutch Pressure Plate Great Wall 4D28 Clutch Disc 

Car Electrical System

Sensor Auto Parts

Camshaft Position Sensor 3611010-EG01 Water Temperature Sensor 3611070-EG01A Water Temperature Sensor 3611070-EG01 For Great Wall Oxygen Sensor 3611300XEG01 For Great Wall Car Wheel Speed Sensor 3550710-G08 Rear Wheel Speed Sensor 3550150-P00-A1 Wingle Car Air Flow Sensor 3612300-E06 Sensing Proportion Valve 3523100-P00 

Electronic Parts

Car Blower Motor 8104100-P00 Haval H6 Blower Assembly 8104000CKZ16A Wingle Car Blower Assembly 8104000XP24AA Car Warm Air Blower Assembly 8101000-P00 Haval Front Bumper Harness Assembly Great Wall Haval Blower Assembly Great Wall C30 Washing Liquid Storage Pot Great Wall Windshield Washer 5207160-P24A-B1 

Lighting System

Side Turn Signal Light/Lamp 4111300-P00 Left Rear Retroreflector Assembly 4135100-J08 Left Rear Lamp Taillight Assy 4133300-P00 Right Front Fog Lamp / Light 4116200AP24AA Right Front Fog Light Assembly 4116200XP24AA Right Rear Fog Light Lamp 4116240-P00 Right Front Fog Light Lamp 4116200-J08 Left Front Fog Light Lamp 4116100XJ37XA Right Combination Rear Tail Light For Florid Great Wall Wingle Rear Lamp 4133400-P00 Fog Lamp 4116110-K00 For Great Wall Hover Great Wall Hover rear lamp 4133110-K00 Great Wall Deer Right Combination Rear Light Great Wall Deer Right headlight Great Wall Wingle Headlight 4121200-P24A Left Combined Headlight 4121100-P24A 12V Right Combination Headlight Assembly 4121200-J08 Right Combined Headlight 4121200AP24AA 

Air Conditioning System

GW C30 Air-conditioning Compressor 8103100-M18 Air Conditioning Control Panel Assembly 8112100-P00 Compressor 8103100XS56XA For Great Wall Car 

Car Instrument System

Wingle Combination Instrument Assembly 3820100-P00-B2 Wingle Instrument Panel Dashboard 5306100BP00XAA 

Electronic Control System

GW C30 ABS Controller Assembly 3550110-G08A Haval Car Electric Control Fork 2310100A-K01 Florid Right Rear Door Lock Electronic Control Unit ECU 3601100-E09 For Haval Great Wall Wingle AUTO Parts ECU Right Front Door Lock Assembly 3787220-P00 

Auto Switch Parts

Wingle Ignition Switch Housing 3704120-P00 GW C30 Reversing Light Switch 1701014-001 Combination Switch Assembly 3774100-P00-C1 Clutch Brake Light Switch 3781200-S08 Door Window Switch 3746500-K80-0089 Great Wall Haval Electric Exterior Mirror Switch Door Window Switch 3746300XJ29XB 3774100-K80 COMB SW ASSY GREAT WALL HAVAL 

Car Trim Auto Parts

Exterior Trim Parts

Great Wall Wingle Car Auto logo Left Front Wheel Arc Trim Strip 5512511-P24A Rear View Mirror 8202100C-S08 For Florid Car Car Door Sealing Strip for Great Wall Wingle Right Door Sill Exterior Trim Panel For Haval Right Front Car Door Sealing Strip 6107120XJ08XA Rear View Mirror 8202200-K24 Great Wall Hover Right Exterior Rear View Mirror 8202200BP24XA Left Exterior Rear View Mirror 8202100-P00-C2 

Internal Trim Parts

Left Front Car Window Glass Sealing Strip 6107113AP00XA Car Right Sun Visor 8204200-P09-001A Interior Rearview Mirror 8201100A-K00-0084 Florid Left Front Door Inner Handle 

Car Bumper

Wingle 3 Rear Bumper 2804101-P00 Wingle 5 Front Bumper Body 2803201XP24AB Wingle 3 Front Bumper Body 2803211-P00 Front Bumper Upper Grille 2803213-P24A Wingle Car Front Bumper Lower Grille 2803202-P24A Front Bumper For Haval H6 Rear Bumper 2804101XJ08XA For C30 GW C30 Front Bumper Body Great Wall Front Bumper 2803101-S33 Rear Bumper Body 2804501-S08 For Great Wall Great Wall Deer REAR BUMPER ASSEMBLY Haval Front Bumper 2803101ASZ08A Great Wall Deer Front Bumper 

Car Body And Accessories

Car Body

Wingle 3 Left Rear Wheel Front Fender 5512701-P00 Left Front Wheel Rear Fender Mudguard 5512533-P00 GW C30 Right Front Fender 8403102AJ08XB Wingle 5 Left Fender 8403101AP25AA Wingle Right Fender 8403102-P00 Left Rear Wheel Rear Fender/Mudguard 5512703-P00 Front Left Fender Mudguard 5512105XS56XA For Haval Bumper Lower Left Fender Mudguard 2804011XS56XA For Haval Right Fender 8403200-K00-B1 For Haval Left Front Fender 8403101AJ08XB For GW C30 Car Rear Door 6201100CK00XB For Haval Car Rear Door 6201100AJ08XA Great Wall Parts Right Front Car Door Great Wall Deer Right Front Door Assy 

Car Body Accessories

Wingle 3 Intercooler Vent 8402050-P27 Car Door Hinge 6206200BP00XA Haval Car Frame Second Crosstie 2801380-K50 Great Wall Wingle Anticollision Girder Radiator Cover 2803102-S08 For Florid Car Great Wall Deer Front Grille Great Wall Wingle Engine Hood Car Engine Hood 8402100AJ08XA Great Wall Deer Engine Hood Lock 

Window Lifter Regulator

Door Window Glass Lifter Regulator 6104200XKZ16A Car Door Glass Window regulator 6204100AS08XB Door Glass Regulator 6104100-K00-A1 Right Rear Door Glass Lifter Assembly 6204200-P00 

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